Looking for work in Austin?

9 Nov

The white noise generators fill my ears with a low level susurrus and the footsteps of unknown and unknowing co-workers pass by my cube like trains on a moonless foggy night. Sorry, I’ll be good now.   It is the … Read More »

Rocked By Fox

10 Apr

(Updated May 2008) As has been happening in radio stations since they were invented there was a change of management at KKQV. It happened near the end of 1987. I seem to recall that it might have been an ownership … Read More »

Pinheads: Numbers? What Numbers?

31 Jan

Why did you put numbers on the stickers? Did you ever work for a company that did not excel at keeping track of it’s capital equipment? Well, at this company all equipment was carefully tagged with an easily removable sticker … Read More »

Pinheads: This Guy Was The CIO?

31 Jan

This shit happens   There is a weekly computer industry trade magazine called Computerworld. On the back page they have a column called The Shark Tank. readers share their stories of idiot users, managers and situations they have run into … Read More »

Pinheads: Your Job Is Punishment

31 Jan

To fully appreciate this little story you need to know a little of how IT departments are organized. In this case the Help Desk and Desktop Support. The Help Desk is one or a hundred people who’s job it is … Read More »

Pinheads: The Insecure Boss

31 Jan

How dare you prove me wrong in front of everyone! Part of a technical job like computer support, is discussion about technical issues. It’s part of the job, it’s how you learn new stuff: question someone on something you think … Read More »

Working With Pinheads

31 Jan

– or – Some examples on why I work in Dilbert’s world I am a Computer Support Technician. Those guys who come to your desk, office or wherever and fix your computers. In the corporate world we generally work in … Read More »

Moving on

5 Dec

(Originally posted to my Myspace blog) So it is my last day of work and what a relief it is. I have been suffering under the yoke of an underqualified pinhead with delusions of adequacy for much too long. No … Read More »