Strange Dating Emails: The Love Scam

12 Sep

So A lady I met recently found my website and just loved my collection of Strange Dating Emails. Especially as she has gotten more than her share of them. Most she had deleted but this one was new and not … Read More »

The Uselessness of “Matching”

16 May

I have blogged written, some would say excessively, about my adventures in online dating. Over the years some have encouraged me to write for a living. An article in a magazine or the like. Still others telling me I have … Read More »

“The End” Really?

5 May

I have a friend that I met on about a year ago. She’s a great lady, a lot of fun and one of those people you would refer to as a force of nature. You wouldn’t think a woman … Read More »


3 May

So I was fiddling with my profile on one of the dating sites I belong to, and I noticed that I had checked the box under religious preferences for “spiritual but not religious.” I realized that is something I had … Read More »


20 Mar

I have recently written about pain. Pain in the context of being a single man dating in his early 50s. This time, I think, something a wee bit more subjective. Something that as a man swimming in the online dating … Read More »

The Three Rules

30 Jan

Some people make a big deal about having rules to live and/or work by. Some have even codified them into numbered lists. TV shows do it too, usually for humorous or dramatic effect Although it is usually incumbent on the … Read More »

Selected For Breeding

21 Dec

I have amassed a small collection of strange dating emails. I love those things. And almost universally they are examples of how not to make contact with someone online. Today I received a very short and simple email from a … Read More »

The Distance Between Me and You

13 Nov

A long time ago (so long ago it seems like it happened to someone else) I met a girl that I fell in love with. Hopelessly in love. We were living at the Jersey Shore at the time. A couple … Read More »