13 Jul

A friend sent me this gif in email the other day and it just tickled me. Sisyphus¬†was a king of Ephyra (now known as¬†Corinth) punished for chronic deceitfulness by being compelled to roll an immense boulder up a hill, only … Read More »

Lets Do Some Yoga, Paper Yoga

10 Jan

I have a friend that I have known for going on 13 years. When we met she did freelance website design. One day, just for fun, she put up a domain called (linked above) which was originally designed to … Read More »

Charles Addams

29 Sep

Mother nature has recently broken the back of the summer-long drought inflicted on Austin and surrounding areas. Last night there was a particularly violent thunderstorm, with lots of thunder and lightning. Around 4:30AM I decided it was not worth trying … Read More »

Armadillocon 30

19 Aug

I have been a fan of Hugo award winner John Scalzi for a while now. In fact he is one of my favorite authors. I am vastly entertained by both his blog and his fiction. Both of which he writes … Read More »

Playing Darts

2 Jun

March of 2006 I ran into a guy at a consulting gig. And after the typical male bonding routine (this usually involves beer) we started hanging out. His favorite place was Sherlocks Pub. He introduced me to the game of … Read More »

Cars (the movie)

10 Jun

(this was originally posted to my MySpace blog) While I was at the mall I decided on a whim to go see the new Pixar movie “Cars.” Aside from the joys of watching an animated film at 1 O’Clock in … Read More »

Desktop Pictures (Wallpaper)

1 Oct

In Windows they are “Wallpaper.” On the Mac “Desktop Pictures.” Currently, my favorite place to go for desktop pictures is the fabulous APOD or Astronomy Picture of the Day. Most of my desktops are Science Fiction or space related. But … Read More »