The Other Foot

18 Jan

The other day someone asked me what the slug line meant on the opening page of my blog and website. It’s right up there, top right: Sticking the other foot in since 1996 I forgot when I started using that … Read More »

Super Bitch Indeed

28 Jun

Those of you who know me know that I drive… ummm…. enthusiastically. Not crazy, not like an asshole, mind you. But I do like to get out in front of traffic without driving too aggressively to enjoy the limited open … Read More »

The Dread Exit Interview

13 Apr

So I changed jobs recently. Not something I am happy about doing but the job was, quite literally, making me sick. So it had to be done. And while the physical process went well, the next morning I get an … Read More »

The Tale of the Toaster

20 May

I have heard (you know, “around”) that some manufacturers make products specifically for WalMart. Perhaps to WalMart’s specifications. Not sure, I’m guessing. The old toaster oven I had bought six years ago finally refused to make toast anymore and at … Read More »

Why Time Warner Cable Sucks

12 Apr

I am not here to merely complain that TWC does suck. To a lot of people paying hundreds of dollars a month for a handful of channels that you watch and a couple hundred you don’t is reason enough. And … Read More »

The Orange Misdirection

19 Feb

For some reason this has been languishing in my drafts folder since I wrote in on May 18, 2010… strange. Yet another Strange Dating Email popped into my inbox via one of the big internet dating services the other day … Read More »


20 Feb

Pain, that’s the big problem with online dating. I’ve seen it in discussion groups. A plea from someone wondering why they get no response. And their profile gets critiqued and their photos get critiqued. And there are long discussions about … Read More »

My (ex) Best Friend’s Ex

19 Aug

One of the things that social networking sites have done is make it so that any idiot with little or no writing ability and a computer can reveal their innermost thoughts to the world. This post would be about that … Read More »