Thieves Among Us

27 Mar

Updated with another fun example (January 2015) Below… Last October, somehow, I injured my elbow resulting in a great deal of pain and a visit to the doctor. Turns out I had Tennis Elbow. And my doctor, at the time, … Read More »

Barf on the Wall

23 Apr

About 4 years ago I bought a house. The couple I bought it from bought it new in 1983. You remember the 80s. Specifically the home design fashions that were common in the 80s. Stained oak cabinets, formica counters, pink … Read More »


10 Mar

My friend Lynne is the best. Today was not the best day ever. And what should arrive by actual postal mail would be this creative little card that she made on her new little cricut machine. Nothing like a smile … Read More »

Corridors And Dreams

22 Nov

I get up from my desk and head down the corridor to a vaguely hidden exit from the office I am in. I walk down a flight of stairs, maybe two, and exit into a small vestibule. I am a … Read More »

I Just Don’t Know

16 Sep

…If posting this is a good idea or not. Or if it even matters any more. But best wishes on a speedy recovery. — Comments are always welcome but the spammers found the contact form so It is disabled, you’ll … Read More »

Apple (Schwag) T-Shirts

3 Aug

In keeping with the rich tradition of Mac-focused web pages writing about everything and anything Mac related, no matter how trivial. Herein presented, my collection of Apple and Mac-related free clothing, mostly t-shirts. Usually these things are only given out … Read More »

A Weekend In Marfa

13 Nov

Where? Last weekend C and I accompanied friends of hers to Marfa, TX. Or as I referred to it, “way out in the middle of bumfuck nowhere Texas.” Note: I have updated the post with some photos that I recently … Read More »

I seem to be a winner

30 Aug

Maybe you are like me in that you never seem to win a contest. I think the biggest prize I ever won was the three bucks I won in the Connecticut lottery back around 1991. Three bucks is the “prize” … Read More »