Nope not there…

18 Apr

Not sure why this popped into my brain this morning but… Many years ago in a land called “The Seventies” my family was preparing to move to Hawaii (Kailua, Oahu to be precise) as my father had a two year … Read More »

What’s Up BITCH!?

20 Jan

So I work at an office that forwards your voice mail messages as email attachments, it’s handy, especially for occasions like this. I got a voicemail from a number I did not recognize and when I played the message it … Read More »

The Other Foot

18 Jan

The other day someone asked me what the slug line meant on the opening page of my blog and website. It’s right up there, top right: Sticking the other foot in since 1996 I forgot when I started using that … Read More »


10 Apr

Don’t worry, this is not a 3000 word essay on the joys of root vegetables, I’ll leave that up to my good friend here. But in brief: I was doing my Sunday morning shopping and was in the mood for … Read More »

To My Backyard Neighbor

5 Jul

My view over the back fence of my neighbor. I’ve been watching this happen to his gutter for the last 6 months. Six months ago he could have fixed this with a couple of screws. I need to keep a … Read More »

Typos In Strange Places

1 Sep

Sometimes I can be a bit of a spelling nazi. Not to the point of being an asshole about it, mind you. Probably the result of being raised by a school teacher and a scientist. But I am getting better, … Read More »

Is It Just Me?

15 Aug

One weekend afternoon recently I met a frend for some Mexican food and some lovely beverages. She picked the place, after I asked for something a little funky and not on South Congress or Barton Springs Rd. She came up … Read More »

ROT Biker Weekend

14 Jun

This weekend is the ROT Biker rally in Austin. Austin tends to roll out the red carpet for it’s various festivals, rallies and gatherings. Probably part of the Texas/Southern tradition of hospitality and partly because Austin tends to embrace things … Read More »