Troubleshooting Mac OS

15 Feb

From time to time I post about stuff I find handy doing my job. My job being the computer guy at a small company in (south) Austin. A job I have been doing for a variety of companies (professionally) since … Read More »

Winders Cheat Sheet (Tips & Tricks)

12 Mar

All of these Windows tips are things that I have mostly assembled from other sources. Things I found useful on a regular basis. Some of these come from the excellent and now gone JSI Inc. Tips pages. Others came from … Read More »

Windows Tips and Tricks

28 Oct

I have added seven brand new tips to (the bottom of) my Windows tips and tricks page. Those of you who support PCs for a living might find a few helpful tips, here. — Comments are always welcome but the … Read More »

Me, a designer? Yeah right

23 Nov

Since I added this blog to my website a couple of years ago I used the default WordPress theme, modified slightly by adding some graphics to the header. Pretty dull. Being tired of being Mister Dull McBlandy Blog I decided … Read More »

A selection of Vintage Apple t-shirts

3 Aug

I kinda worked for Apple more than a few years ago. Apple gives out really fun and interesting t-shirts for internal use only. How about a glimpse at some from 1994 and 1995? The page is here. — Comments are … Read More »

Apple (Schwag) T-Shirts

3 Aug

In keeping with the rich tradition of Mac-focused web pages writing about everything and anything Mac related, no matter how trivial. Herein presented, my collection of Apple and Mac-related free clothing, mostly t-shirts. Usually these things are only given out … Read More »

WordPress on iPhone

1 Aug

Along with the server upgrade, mentioned previously, I also set it up so that viewing the blog is all that easier if you have an iPhone (or iPod Touch). Mostly because I just got me a shiny new white 3G … Read More »