A Tribute to Dr. Suess

15 Jan

There is one thing that moving halfway across the country will do, force you to go through all the crap you have collected and throw a lot of it away. This bit of inane joy surfaced during my latest move.

Like some of you Dr. Suess was a favorite of mine growing up. His books littered the floors of the house I grew up in. I read them over and over and would quote them endlessly at dinner. I seem to recall driving my parents insane with my requests for green eggs and ham for breakfast almost every morning. When I discovered my mother’s cache of food coloring I proceeded to make a major mess of the kitchen attempting to create green eggs. To this day I still delight in a bad joke done over and over.

While I was working at WSTC/WQQQ in Stamford CT, Dr. Suess died. One of the salesmen there was a twisted little shit, just like me, and we came up with this little tribute to the recently deceased good doctor.



I can’t believe the news I read

I read that Dr. Suess is dead!

Will they put him in a box?

Will they put him under rocks?

Will they put him in a tree

So all the passers by can see?

Or plant him deeply in the lawn

With pretty flowers all around?

He’s gone away

Away he’s gone

Planted out there in the lawn

He’s gone away at eighty seven

Dr. Suess, we all hope that you are in heaven.



Originally posted before I added WordPress to this site. Published date is approximate.


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