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8 Sep

Don’t Look so shocked.


Please don’t be shocked by the appearance of the horrendous creature above. The other one is Bender. A cartoon character from the screamingly funny Futurama, created by Simpsons originator Matt Groening.

When people say that they have “a good sense of humor” something tells me that their “good sense of humor” is not necessarily similar in any way, shape, manner or form to mine. Call it intuition. Oh well, greatness is rarely appreciated in your lifetime.


To Illustrate

One holiday season I was working the afternoon shift at WJLK-FM in “scenic” Asbury Park NJ.

K-94, the Shore Legend, it was called at the time. I guess the legend wasn’t enough. It has changed formats and owners a couple of times since then. They are now “The Point.” Near as I can figure the ‘pointless’ name describes the heads of the people who thought that “The Point” was a good name for a radio station.

In 1990 Asbury was not a pretty place. The town was working on cleaning up the image of the town, and the streets. In spite of all of that “work” Asbury Park was still not a pretty place.

On this festive holiday season of which I speak, I had a public service announcement (PSA) to read. This PSA was about a Christmas tree lighting ceremony in downtown (shudder) Asbury Park. This was to be the first such event (if I recall correctly) since the Springwood Ave. riots in 1970. After reading the PSA, I glibly added, “…and don’t trip over the winos on your way in.”

I was forced to write a letter of apology to the Mayor and town council.

I am certain that if you asked the mayor and each of the people on the town council, “do you have a good sense of humor?” all would have undoubtedly said, “Yes.”

Yeah right.

Robin Williams once said, “if they can’t take a fuck, joke ’em!”




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