Aunt Bette is Weird

9 Oct

If you have read…

…even a little of this web site you might come to the conclusion that I have an odd sense of humor. You might also wonder where I get this sense of humor. I often “blame” Mom. Or more accurately her side of the family. This is something she denies having anything to do with. Yeah right.

The following should illustrate my point

My mother is the eldest of two sisters (Oddly enough my father is the eldest of two brothers, but I digress). Her younger sister, Bette, has always had a bit of a (for lack of a better term) wacky sense of humor.

Going to Aunt Bette’s house was always a lot of fun as we (me, my brother and sister) never knew what she would say or do next. Often the hilarity would start with a (not unreasonable) imitation of W.C. Fields and degenerate from there. It was never anything specific, just fun. I suppose you could say that Aunt
Bette (like me) refuses to grow up and takes very little in life, seriously.

Aunt Bette married a man who emigrated from Hungary 40-some years ago. They go back to Hungary almost every year to visit his relatives and tour Europe. On occasion I will get a surprise postcard. Like this one.



The River in the foreground is the Danube, looking not-blue-at-all, but quite picturesque.
So let’s have a look at the other side…


OK now I understand why this particular picture, it shows the Domes, err… “Doms” of St. Stephans (my given name is “Stephen”). Then I start reading the note…



Leave it to Aunt Bette to come up with a joke of (ahem) biblical proportions.

So now you know where I get it.

OK Mom try and deny it now!


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