Working With Pinheads

31 Jan

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Some examples on why I work in Dilbert’s world

I am a Computer Support Technician. Those guys who come to your desk, office or wherever and fix your computers. In the corporate world we generally work in the IT (Information Technology) or MIS  (Management of Information Services) departments. These departments usually report to the Finance department. That is a big part of the problem.

At one time or another we have all worked for truly stupid people. But Dilbert’s bedevilment by his cow-orkers and his PHB is hardly unique, or new. in 1969 Lawrence Peter wrote The Peter Principle:

“…a dead-on account of why boredom, bungling, and bad management are built into every organization.

I suppose you could say that The Peter Principle is a hellish application of Murphy’s Law as it applies to management. Frank and Ernest can help.




You have probably worked for or with people like this. The stories linked below come from personal experience and stories from friends. I have embroidered a little for entertainment purposes. Any resemblance to actual persons living or dead is purely coincidental.


Naming A New Employee

Your Job is Punishment

How dare you prove me wrong in front of everyone

Why did you put numbers on the stickers?

Technical knowledge for management is optional


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