The Other Foot

18 Jan

The other day someone asked me what the slug line meant on the opening page of my blog and website. It’s right up there, top right:

Sticking the other foot in since 1996

I forgot when I started using that on the website but it does seem appropriate. I am, by no means, a professional writer, editor, webmaster, comedian, etc. It’s amateur all the way. That’s just a bit of self deprecating humor.

The Mary Tyler Moore Show was a popular sitcom in the 70’s. And even by today’s standards it was pretty funny. Mary worked in a TV newsroom with some pretty competent people, except the anchorman, who was a complete buffoon.

The head writer for the fictional newscast was exceptionally sarcastic. Needless to say he was my favorite character. One day, as I recall, he was asked asked why he watched the newscast if he had so much contempt for the talents of the anchorman.

It’s a given that he will stick his foot in his mouth every night. The joy comes from watching how he manages to get the other one in there with it.

That line stuck with me ever since.


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