Troubleshooting Mac OS

15 Feb

From time to time I post about stuff I find handy doing my job. My job being the computer guy at a small company in (south) Austin. A job I have been doing for a variety of companies (professionally) since 1992 and on the side for radio stations I worked at since the 80s.

I just spent some time cleaning up a bunch of broken links on this site. I found them by using this site. It found 92 broken links, most of which were remnants of a previous version of the WordPress installation and some that still had the old links from when it was all just static HTML pages.

On a few of the pages I mention some resources I use for Mac troubleshooting, downloading and the like. Many are still the same, some are not.

This was a site started shortly after Apple Introduced and released Mac OSX and eventually bought and rolled into It was a fabulous resource for people to share tips and solutions and ask for help. Eventually the traffic on that site died down and currently it is online only as a read-only reference. Searching Google for problems with Mac OS, especially older versions, will often turn up links there. But as Apple continues to update it’s Operating Systems it becomes more and more irrelevant.

Fortunately there is a good place to go which is a spiritual successor to, and that would be a site called “Ask Different.” Highly recommended as a place to ask questions about your Mac and IOS devices. Just be sure you search for the problem before you ask a new question. As it is a user moderated forum that will point out when a question has already been answered with a link to that question.

I have been active there for a couple of years and participate in answering questions when I can. Its a good/fun way to keep my skills sharpened. I highly recommend Ask Different for your Mac/iPhone/iPad troubleshooting needs.

Unlike Mac OSX Hints is still going strong. Unfortunately they have traveled down the path that many Windows shareware sites have gone. Repackaging the shareware they link to with software of their chosing. What kind of other stuff? I won’t say except to say that if I click on a link to download some software I don’t expect the site that links to the download to modify it in any way.

I am not saying anything about why they may do this (money? who knows?) or what is included in their version of the download as it was different every time I downloaded.

These days I may still use to find Mac software, but I’ll then find the link to the developer’s site and download the software directly from the developer.¬† Too bad about this, I used to depend on MacUpdate but I am too wary of software downloaded over the internet to trust a site that repackages perfectly good software for opaque reasons. But then that is just me, your mileage may vary…


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