Welcome To My Blog

For some reason I’ve been doing this website, in one form or another, since July of 1996. Not sure whether to be proud or embarrassed. Back then you couldn’t Google. AOL was still relevant and cable just brought you a bunch of extra TV channels. The remnants of those first awkward pages are mostly gone. And a personal website is no longer a weird affectation.

Like the thousands of blogs that have come and gone since the ninetys, this is now and always has been a hobby; a place for me to inflict my thoughts, creative urges, and vast store of opinions on my family, friends and you, the self-selected random web surfer. Unlike most other blogs, is unlikely to vanish tomorrow.

I try not to take all this too seriously and I don’t post regularly. Set your expectations accordingly and try not to take this too seriously as well.

As almost all websites were in the ninetys my website was nothing more than a collection of static HTML pages and JPEGs; EG text files and pictures, lots of them. When easy to use blogging software came along I just added that to the website and kept going. Soon maintaining both became a hassle and I spent the better part of a year, on and off, shuffling the static content into WordPress. That is now done.

You may notice a Table of Contents if you scroll down and look to your right. It’s a list of both highlighted blog entries and articles that pre-date the addition of WordPress. Not everything: a curated list of posts.

Feel free to quote or link to anything here. All I ask is that you properly attribute anything you use. I always encourage and am interested in your comments. But the blog commenting system is turned off. Mostly to avoid the hassle of monitoring the site for comment spam and hackers. If you feel the need to comment you’ll have to email me. Yeah I know, “How 1996!”