Macs For Refugees

30 Jun

Near the end of May of 1999 I was offered the opportunity to assist the State Department and the U.S. Information Agency set-up and configure some computers on the internet for the Albanian refugees at Fort Dix.   So what the hell are … Read More »

My Life In Radio

10 Jun

I can still remember…   …the exact moment when I decided that being a DJ was way too cool and that was what I wanted to be when I grew up. Somewhere circa 1970 late one evening I tuned in … Read More »

Windoze, And Why Not To Use It

9 Jun

Transitioning a longtime Mac user from a Mac to a PC is an interesting procedure.   Far be it from me to tell you what kind of computer you should use. Like the choice of ribbed or lubricated, the choice … Read More »

Movin’ In Junk

7 Jun

What do these three pictures have in common?   No I am not trying to play Alex Trebeck, nor do you have to phrase your answer in the form of a question, but these three items do have something in … Read More »

Fun With Shower Curtains

7 Aug

Have a good close look   Now have another look at this tag. I ripped it off my shower curtain one day when Mr. Colon disagreed with my choice of meals (I know: more info than you wanted. Deal with it.) … Read More »

What Is A Ptavv?

9 Jun

This web site used to be     Why? good question. My original rationale for “Ptavv” was this somewhat puzzling bit of “logic:” Why pick something obvious when you can have a domain name that is not only odd … Read More »

Technical Support “Tips”

8 Jun

I’ve worked as a computer support technician both on the phone and “desk-side” since 1992. After a few years (hell, weeks!) of this you start to develop a pet peeve or two about the people for whom you are supposed … Read More »

Jobs, Jobs & More Jobs

29 Mar

So How Many Jobs Have I Held? Lets start counting? Nursery Assistant (not babies, plants and flowers) for Kerlins Korner in Annandale VA. Bag Boy (oops sorry Courtesy Clerk) for Safeway in Kaneohe Hawaii. Helper/Gofer for Altsa’s rolling Rocket Shop in … Read More »

Computers, A Hobby To A Career

15 Aug

Computers started out as a hobby (I have always been a bit of a gadget freak) It was a natural. In 1983 I got a Commodore 64 for my birthday and was hooked immediately. I ended up subscribing to all … Read More »

Why, Yes, I Can Cook

7 Jun

    Thanks mostly to mom who spent many an hour in the kitchen with me and my brother and sister. I learned how to shop, plan a meal and get everything to come out (usually) all at the same … Read More »

Power Computing: Fight Back

11 May

    The original was an animated GIF but I modified to look good on paper it and passed it out to the scientists at Johnson and Johnson Pharmaceutical Research Institute brave enough to post it in their offices and … Read More »