Charlie Chambers’ (Incomplete) Memoir

5 Aug

This document was found in a rarely visited folder in the bowels of my father’s iMac shortly after his passing in October 2015. Simply titled “Outline” It looks like he started it soon after retiring and never came back to … Read More »

Troubleshooting Mac OS

15 Feb

From time to time I post about stuff I find handy doing my job. My job being the computer guy at a small company in (south) Austin. A job I have been doing for a variety of companies (professionally) since … Read More »

I Fell In Love With Prague

5 Aug

…Its cobblestone streets, plazas filled with tourists, churches and restaurants. The views of the city from anywhere up high; the spires Prague is rightly famous for and the almost complete lack of the modern urban blight of the skyscraper. Prague … Read More »

Nope not there…

18 Apr

Not sure why this popped into my brain this morning but… Many years ago in a land called “The Seventies” my family was preparing to move to Hawaii (Kailua, Oahu to be precise) as my father had a two year … Read More »

What’s Up BITCH!?

20 Jan

So I work at an office that forwards your voice mail messages as email attachments, it’s handy, especially for occasions like this. I got a voicemail from a number I did not recognize and when I played the message it … Read More »

Hawaii & Vietnam 1963

8 Jan

My father was always a bit of a photo bug. He always had a camera with him, especially on family outings, vacations and business trips. Business trips? Why would you take a camera (especially before the age of a camera … Read More »

Eggs Blashill

2 Jan

My maternal Grandmother, one Beulah Blashill was a substantial woman not to be messed with. She was a real force of nature. A woman not to be Trifled With. She dropped out of school at the age of 16 and … Read More »

The Other Foot

18 Jan

The other day someone asked me what the slug line meant on the opening page of my blog and website. It’s right up there, top right: Sticking the other foot in since 1996 I forgot when I started using that … Read More »

Visiting Dad

13 Oct

Just last weekend I took the opportunity to visit dad. I hadn’t seen him since mom’s memorial service, two years previous. And living half the country away in Austin Texas, makes regular visits difficult. Since then he has sold the … Read More »


13 Jul

A friend sent me this gif in email the other day and it just tickled me. Sisyphus was a king of Ephyra (now known as Corinth) punished for chronic deceitfulness by being compelled to roll an immense boulder up a hill, only … Read More »

Thieves Among Us

27 Mar

Updated with another fun example (January 2015) Below… Last October, somehow, I injured my elbow resulting in a great deal of pain and a visit to the doctor. Turns out I had Tennis Elbow. And my doctor, at the time, … Read More »

Winders Cheat Sheet (Tips & Tricks)

12 Mar

All of these Windows tips are things that I have mostly assembled from other sources. Things I found useful on a regular basis. Some of these come from the excellent and now gone JSI Inc. Tips pages. Others came from … Read More »

Dad Is Moving…

22 Dec

…Moving out of the house we moved into in 1963. He has been living there since then, and now that mom is gone this three story 4 bedroom 2 1/2 bath colonial in suburban Northern Virginia is really too big … Read More »