Barbara Jane Chambers

15 Oct

My mother was born on the fourth of July 1929, passed away this day, October 15 2012. We all love you and miss you terribly. Obituary and guest book available here Comments on this post from Facebook: — Comments are always … Read More »

The Tale of the Toaster

20 May

I have heard (you know, “around”) that some manufacturers make products specifically for WalMart. Perhaps to WalMart’s specifications. Not sure, I’m guessing. The old toaster oven I had bought six years ago finally refused to make toast anymore and at … Read More »

Why Time Warner Cable Sucks

12 Apr

I am not here to merely complain that TWC does suck. To a lot of people paying hundreds of dollars a month for a handful of channels that you watch and a couple hundred you don’t is reason enough. And … Read More »

Windows Tips and Tricks

28 Oct

I have added seven brand new tips to (the bottom of) my Windows tips and tricks page. Those of you who support PCs for a living might find a few helpful tips, here. — Comments are always welcome but the … Read More »

Dogs Have Ears

2 Oct

And thanks to my lovely live in GF I have four. Two on each dog: Yes they are Shih-Tzus. We keep their hair close cropped as they seem more comfortable in the Texas heat with short hair. Besides I always … Read More »

Stick It Out

20 Aug

While on vacation I got the opportunity to get re-acquainted with my family. I live in Texas and they live on the East Coast. My oldest niece demonstrated that she was indeed a Chambers, enjoy. — Comments are always welcome … Read More »

Barf on the Wall

23 Apr

About 4 years ago I bought a house. The couple I bought it from bought it new in 1983. You remember the 80s. Specifically the home design fashions that were common in the 80s. Stained oak cabinets, formica counters, pink … Read More »