The Tale of the Toaster

20 May

I have heard (you know, “around”) that some manufacturers make products specifically for WalMart. Perhaps to WalMart’s specifications. Not sure, I’m guessing. The old toaster oven I had bought six years ago finally refused to make toast anymore and at … Read More »

Why Time Warner Cable Sucks

12 Apr

I am not here to merely complain that TWC does suck. To a lot of people paying hundreds of dollars a month for a handful of channels that you watch and a couple hundred you don’t is reason enough. And … Read More »

Windows Tips and Tricks

28 Oct

I have added seven brand new tips to (the bottom of) my Windows tips and tricks page. Those of you who support PCs for a living might find a few helpful tips, here. — Comments are always welcome but the … Read More »

Dogs Have Ears

2 Oct

And thanks to my lovely live in GF I have four. Two on each dog: Yes they are Shih-Tzus. We keep their hair close cropped as they seem more comfortable in the Texas heat with short hair. Besides I always … Read More »

Stick It Out

20 Aug

While on vacation I got the opportunity to get re-acquainted with my family. I live in Texas and they live on the East Coast. My oldest niece demonstrated that she was indeed a Chambers, enjoy. — Comments are always welcome … Read More »

Barf on the Wall

23 Apr

About 4 years ago I bought a house. The couple I bought it from bought it new in 1983. You remember the 80s. Specifically the home design fashions that were common in the 80s. Stained oak cabinets, formica counters, pink … Read More »


10 Apr

Don’t worry, this is not a 3000 word essay on the joys of root vegetables, I’ll leave that up to my good friend here. But in brief: I was doing my Sunday morning shopping and was in the mood for … Read More »